Detection method Through beam
Detecting distance 10m (*1)
Detecting object Opaque dia.60 mm or more
Number of beams 24
Detecting width 920mm
Beam interval 40mm
Power supply 12-24VDC ±10% / Ripple 10% or less
Current consumption 100mA or less
Output mode Current output Rating Current output: Sink current 100 mA (30 VDC) or less
Voltage output Voltage output: Output impedance 4.7 kΩ
Operation mode Light ON/Dark ON selectable (with switch)
Response time 15ms or less
Light source Infrared LED(wave length : 900nm)
Light-sensitive element Photo transistor
Indicator Transmitter: Power indicator (green LED) / Receiver: Operation indicator (red LED), light reception stability indicator (green LED)
Switch (SW) Light ON/Dark ON selector switch provided (Remove the screwed lid on the back of the receiver and set the mode with SW 1 and 2.)
(All axes reception:ON)
(All axes blocking:OFF)
(All axes reception:ON)
(All axes blocking:ON)
Material Case: Aluminum / Lens: Plastic
Connection Connector type Cable with connector
Transmitter: 3-pin Transmitter: VCT 0.75 mm2 x 3 cores, 5m
Receiver: 4-pin Receiver: VCT 0.5 mm2 x 4 cores, 5m
Weight Approx. 350-1,000 g (transmitter/receiver)
Notes (1*) High powered types (with detecting distance of 15 m) are also available, for which "-HP" is added at the
end of the set model numbers.
Accessories Operation manual, mounting bracket, cable with a connector(SST-H5, 5.0m)