Transmitter model SS40-TL8-CH
Receiver model SS40-TR8-CH
Detection method Through beam
Detecting distance 7m or less
Detecting object Opaque object of dia. 52 mm or more
No. of optical axes 8
Detecting width 280mm
Beam interval 40mm
Power supply 24V DC ±10% / Ripple 10% or less
Current consumption 60mA
Output mode Serial output
Response time 3ms or less (only sensor)
Light source Infrared LED (wave length:950mm)
Light-sensitive element Photo transistor
Indicator Transmitter: M/S indicator (red LED), Power indicator (green LED)
Receiver: Light reception stability indicator (yellow LED), Power indicator (green LED)
Auxiliary functions Anti Interference feature provided for adjacent installation
Switch Transmitter: M/S mode switch
Material Case: aluminum / Front cover, lens: Acrylic
Connection Attacbed cable with connector 0.2m, 0.5mm2 x 4 cores dia.6.8 mm
Weight 350g or less

Environmental Specification

Ambient light 9000lx or less
Ambient temperature -10 - +55 ℃ (non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 35-85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure IP66
Vibration 10-55 Hz / 1.5 mm double amplitude / 2 hours each in 3 direction