Transmitter model SS40-TL16-CH
Receiver model SS40-TR16-CH
Detection method Through beam
Detecting distance 7m or less
Detecting object Opaque object of dia. 52 mm or more
No. of optical axes 16
Detecting width 600mm
Beam interval 40mm
Power supply 24V DC ±10% / Ripple 10% or less
Current consumption 80mA
Output mode Serial output
Response time 3ms or less (only sensor)
Light source Infrared LED (wave length:950mm)
Light-sensitive element Photo transistor
Indicator Transmitter: M/S indicator (red LED), Power indicator (green LED)
Receiver: Light reception stability indicator (yellow LED), Power indicator (green LED)
Auxiliary functions Anti Interference feature provided for adjacent installation
Switch Transmitter: M/S mode switch
Material Case: aluminum / Front cover, lens: Acrylic
Connection Attacbed cable with connector 0.2m, 0.5mm2 x 4 cores dia.6.8 mm
Weight 550g or less

Environmental Specification

Ambient light 9000lx or less
Ambient temperature -10 - +55 ℃ (non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 35-85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure IP66
Vibration 10-55 Hz / 1.5 mm double amplitude / 2 hours each in 3 direction