Rated voltage/Performance/Specifications

Detection method Through beam
Detection distance Parallel beam mode: 0-4m
Cross beam mode: 0.5-4m
Detection target Parallel beam mode: Opaque φ25㎜ or more
Cross beam mode: Opaque φ15㎜ or more
Optical axis interval 20mm
Number of optical axes 29
Detecting width 560mm
Power supply 12-24VDC ±10%, Ripple 10%
Power consumption 110mA or less
Output mode NPN/PNP Open collector output (Output selectable)
Load current: 50mA (30VDC) or less
Residual voltage: 2V or less
Operation mode Light ON: Activated when beams of all optical axes are received (Deactivated when a beam of any optical axis is blocked).
Response time Parallel beam mode: 20ms or less when light blocked, 30ms or less if when light received.
Cross beam mode: 30ms or less when light blocked, 50ms or less if when light received.
Light source (wavelength) Infrared LED (850nm)
Light receiving element Photo IC
Indicators Transmitter: Power Indicator (Green), Slave Indicator/Cross beam Indicator (Blue), Cross beam Indicator

Receiver: Power Indicator/Light reception stability Indicator (Green), Operation Indicator (Orange)
Auxiliary functions Automatic sensitivity compensation, Mutual interference prevention for close proximity installations (Up to 2 sets in Parallel beam mode),
Reverse polarity protection, Short-circuit protection
Protection Material Case: Aluminum, Front cover: Poly carbonate, Mounting part: Zinc alloy die casting
Connection Attached cable φ3.5㎜, 3m
Transmitter: 0.15㎜2 × 4 cores (Gray), Receiver: 0.15㎜2 × 5 cores (Black)
Weight Transmitter Approx. 285g
Receiver Approx. 295g
Accessories Instruction Manual, small 3-point SEMS screw M4