Detection method Through beam
Detecting distance 5m
Detection object Opaque dia.30 mm or more
Beam interval 20mm
Number of optical axis 4
Max. number of optical axis 96(use 20 mm interval type only)*3
Max. number of connections 24(main, optional, corner, flexible, blank unit included) *4
Detecting width 60mm(4 optical axes)-1900mm(96 optical axes)(use 20 mm interval type only)
40mm(2 optical axes)-1880mm(48 loptical axis)(use 40 mm interval type only)
Output mode NPN open collector, two outputs,Rating:Sink current 100mA (DC 30V) or less (main unit only)
Operation mode Activated when beams of all optical axes are received, deactivated when beam of any optical axis is blocked or FAIL indicator is turned on
Power supply 12 - 24VDC±10% Ripple10%or less
Current consumption 100mA or less
Response time Beam blocked: 30ms or less Beam received: 50ms or less
Light source Infrared LED (wave length: 880 nm)
Light-sensitive element Photodiode
Indicator Transmitter:Slave indicator (orange LED), Iight blocking indicator (red LED)/light reception stability indicator (green LED)
Receiver: FAIL indicator (red LED), light reception stability indicator(green LED), Operation indicator (orange LED)
End unit/corner unit: Light blocking indicator (red LED), light reception stability indicator (green LED)
Optional unit receiver: Received light intensity indicator
Material Case: ABS, lens: Acrylic, Display section: Polycarbonate
Connection Main unit: connector pigtail type (outer diameter: dia. 5 mm), 0.2mm2 x 6 cores 0.2 m, including 8-pin connector
Between units: Use connector
(The cable with connector is optional)
Weight Transmitter/ receiver
Approx. 300 g
Auxiliary functions Self-check,mutual interference prevention, output short-circuit protection
Accessories End unit, mounting bracket,
operation manual, ball-point driver

*1 When used with JS2-T2SN. With JS2-T4SN, object to be detected will be マ

Environmental Specification

Ambient light 10,000 lx or less
Ambient temperature -10 - +55 ℃ (non-freezing)
storage: -40 - +70 ℃
Ambient humidity 35~85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure IP65
Vibration 10-55 Hz / 1.5 mm double amplitude / 2 hours each in 3 direction
Dielectric withstanding 1000 VAC for 1 minute, between whole live part and case
Insulation resistance 500 VDC, 20MΩ or higher