Sample Applications

Sample Applications


Picking sensor

A picking sensor for verifying and showing that parts have been taken out.Provided with a large job-light allowing high visibility with a rigid thin metal body of 13mm.

Detection of breakage of drill bit

Drill bit checked for breakage at each stroke. U-shaped sensor of IP 67 requires zero light axis adjustment and provides reliable detection.

Checking for mixed bearing outer cases

Outer bearing cases checked by color marking for the purpose of mixing different models.

Detection of parts on conveyor

Highly chemical-resistant PFA sensor used for detecting parts in anticorrosive spraying process.

Detection of engine head covers

Light curtains provide reliable detection of objects in different shapes otherwise unachievable with a single-axis sensor.

Detect dirt or dust on the sensing surface

Monitor the receiveing light intensity and alart an intensity decrease due to dust or dirt on the sensor.

Sensor “off-delay” setting

Sensor “off-delay” setting