Sample Applications

Sample Applications

Electronic Component Mounting

Detection of objects of identical material

When an object is made of the same material with the background, the sensor senses tiny change of light intensity and detects it with pulse fiber amplifiers.

Detection of passage of PCB

The sensor built in the machine detects passing PCBs.\nYou can install it anywhere you like.\nEmbedded amplifier photo sensor.

Detection of defects in capacitors

Bends above taping detected with through beam fiber optic cable.

Detection of lifting of tape feeder

Lifting in tape feeders in line can be detected by spot lasser beam.

Detection of passing condensers

The sensor built in the guide detects condensers.\nEmbedded amplifier photo sensor.

Substrate detection

Substrates detected in insertion machine by convergent reflective method, unaffected by board color or background.

Checking of presence of silver paste

Even a small amount of paste can be detected with a spot size of 0.5 mm in diameter.

Detection of lead frame plating

Reliable detection achieved by determination of RGB color component and brightness.

Checking for upside-down electronic components

Blue light fiber optic sensor used for checking whether the right sides of electronic components are facing up in part chute.

PCB detection

Ultra thin sensor allowing to conserve installation space.

LED color identification

Checks the colors emitted by LEDs.

Counting of minimal parts

Wide area fiber optic cable allowing wide-view detection.

Geometric defect inspection

Missing parts on substrates, etc. detected.

Electronic component detection

Molded parts detected with background suppression photo sensor unaffected by color variation.

Positioning of hybrid snbstrates

High precision positioning achieved with micro-spot laser beam.

Detecting ICs floating loose on a pallet

Due to the coaxial alignment of the light emitter and sensor, even slight positional misplacements are stably detected.


Quantity and position of object in view checked.