Sample Applications

Sample Applications


Control of meandering of transparent films

An ultrasonic sensor can control meandering of transparent films without being affected by printing patterns, which is difficult fo an optical sensor.

Sensor for counting number of rotations

Holes in rotating disk detected for counting number of rotations or measuring speed (RPM).

Positioning of rolled paper

Rolled paper positioned on printer. Sensor with focused laser beam ensures high accuracy.

Detection of lifting of ejected paper

Background suppression photo sensor is unaffected by color variation and therefore used for detecting any lifting of ejected paper.

Detection of tapes on paper joint lines

Tapes applied on paper joint lines are detected. Only variations in the light is tensity are detected. Gradual changes in light level are ignored.

Control of film rolling

Detecting the “ sagging” and “ rolling diameter” of films for analogue output.

Detection of register mark on wrapping paper for Japanese sweets

The U-shaped sensor can be easily installed.\nSince the lens surface is always cleaned, this is best for mark detection on traditional Japanese paper.

Detection of absorption in lettuce wrapping

The limited range reflective sensor detects lettuce wrapping without being affected by color or shape of the detecting object.

Control of roll thickness

Good for dust proofing in a dusty workshop.

Detection of steamed fish paste on belt conveyor

The limited range reflective sensor detects steamed fish paste without being affected by color, shape or material of the\ndetecting object.

Detection of broken paper on rotary press

Convergent reflective sensor not affected by print colors.

Tilted cross beams can detect sheet materials

Tilted cross beams can detect sheet materials
(cross beam mode).