Sample Applications

Sample Applications


Detection of silicon wafers

Securely detecting silicon wafers even when water drops are on their surface.

Collective detection of glass substrates

Detection of glass substrates in cassette.

Glass wafer detection

Ultrasonic sensor reliably detects wafers with water drops on them.

Silicon wafer detection

Compact ultrasonic sensor used for “underneath” detection.

Detection of liquid crystal glass

Mapping liquid crystal glass. A large PCB with a wide curve can be detected securely.

Detection of IC pin

Detects even an IC pin with a beam of small spot diameter created by a lens unit.

Detection of pitch holes on IC frame

Detecting even a small pitch hole when combined with a lens unit.Fiber optic sensor

Wafer notch detection

Coaxial reflective type fiber cable with lens unit detecting small spot for notch detection.

Detection of glass substrate protrusion

Narrow view fiber optic cable detecting substrate protrusion from cassette.

Robot arm-mounted sensor

Convergent reflective fiber optic cable embedded in arm.

Detection of object on IC tester

Passage of flat ICs checked.

Detection of wafers in carrier

Wafer edges detected.

Detection of ICs in transparent sticks

Ultra-thin sensor fitting in space between sticks.

Detection of wafer in cleaning tank

PFA sensor installed inside tank.

Collective detection of wafers

Presence of wafers in cassette collectively checked for mapping.

Detection of lead frames

Detecting lead frames from their bottoms, with a thin head of 2mm.Fiber optic sensor.

Detection of glass substrate for PDP

Glass substrates detected in vacuum chamber.

Detection of chips on lead frames

Variable focus reflective laser sensor checking presence of chips.

Detection of protrusion of wafers

Protrusion of wafer detection.

Detection of LCD board in vacuum tank

Detection with general purpose fiber optic cable of regular reflection through view port.

Mapping of hard disk

A small pitch type of liquid crystal PCB sensor.Glass PCB sensor.

Robot hand detection

Detection of Robot hand with glass substrate on it in order to stopping XY stage movement.

Wafer carrier detection

Wafer carrier detected through view port of vacuum tank.

Wafer position detection

Narrow view fiber optic cable allowing high accuracy detection.

Detection of wafers in vacuum tank

Heat-resistant vacuum fiber optic cable with V-shaped design.Convergent reflection is not affected by the background.

Wafer detection

Heat resistant proof vacuum through beam fiber optic cable detecting wafer in a vacuum tank.

Drift control using an analog sensor for edge detection

Drift control using an analog sensor for edge detection
※Intended for use with the TAKEX model US-U30AN sensor

Arc discharge detection in a component welding process

Arc discharge detection in a component welding process