Sample Applications

Sample Applications


Detection of objects in harsh environment

The limited range reflective sensor can detect material even in a harsh environment because it is not affected by dirt on lens or detecting objects.

Detection of AGV (Automated guidedvehicle) passage

By using the phase differential detection method, a wide area can be measured regardless of the background of the detection object, surface gloss, or color density to obtain the distance.

Drum rotation control

Rotational speed of drum for winding or unwinding sheet material controlled.

Detection of still cars in parking lot

Can securely detect presence of a car in a parking space without being affected by color or shape of cars.

Detection of person at entrance

Detection from high ceiling without spoiling the appearance.

Detection of remaining person

CD area checked for remaining person at closing time.

Control of height of industrial radio-controlled

Long-distance photo sensor used for detecting height of helicopter from ground.

Detection of coated plywood board

Plywood board of various colors detected with back ground suppression photo sensor.

No-touch switch

No-touch switch

For targets that absorb red light

For targets that absorb red light