Sample Applications

Sample Applications


Level control

Grain or fine particles in tank are detected. Stable detection is ensured even with materials absorbing ultrasonic wave.

Mark detection

U-shaped sensor provide easy installation. Register marks on paper are detected by adjusting power of emitted light.

Detection of lifting of caps

Lifting of caps due to inadequate tightening, etc. detected with narrow-view fiber optic sensor therefore achieving high accuracy.

Winding control of package film

Controls the film meander by an ultrasonic edge detection sensor.

Identification of height of medicines

An ultrasonic sensor identifies the height of colorful objects such as medicines for analogue output.

Detecting liquid surface level inside small-diameter pipes

Requires only a simple clamp onto the pipe!
The compact body makes this ideal for built-in applications.

Detection of shampoo bottles

Shampoo bottles positioned before packaging. Light curtain achieving stable detection regardless of bottle shape variation.

Detection of level of liquid in pipe

Level of transparent or translucent liquid detected. Mounting with zip-tie bands allowes flexible mounting.

Detection in chemical atmosphere

Food material in an atmosphere of alcohol can be detected with sensor in PFA case with high environmental resistance.

Egg package detection

Egg packages detected in packaging process.

Content checking

Ultrasonic sensor used for detecting liquid content from outside of bottles through openings.

Detection of level of liquid in tank

A fiber optic fiber cable coated with chemical-resistant PFA can be placed in a fluid tank, to enable detection of the liquid surface level.

Transparent film detection

Ultrasonic sensor allowing detection regardless of degree of transparency, color or material.

Transparent PET bottle detection

Transparent package detection sensor allowing stable detection of uneven surface PET bottles.

Detection of register marks

The U-shaped sensor detects register marks on wrapping paper with no need to adjust optical axes.

Label detection

Integrated U-shaped fiber optic cable available for detecting labels for timing operation of labeler.

Monitoring of upper/lower fluid levels in pipes

Monitoring of upper/lower fluid levels in pipes
※Intended for use with the TAKEX model USA-S1AN sensor

Seal detection

Detecting heated seal of plastic bag or thermal compression seal of metal bag.
Relaiable detection regardless of the bag content.

Double sheet detection

Reliably detects misfeed of printing or packaging machines.

Detect production speed reduction

Monitor and analyze production information including detection counter and frequency, the production speed can be precisely controlled.

Detect unwanted light disturbance

Monitor the receiving light intensity and alart an intensity increase due to unwanted light reflection by dew or condensation.